What you can learn from the contents of a pocket

There is literally a website for everything. Everyday Carry—or EDC—is proof of that. In the ultimate example of our desire to peer into the lives of others, EDC provides a quick snapshot of what the people in the world around us carry on a day-to-day basis.

It sounds dull, but it is fascinating! Cruise over to the site and you will quickly find yourself 17 pages deep, marveling over the three phones, Jesus piece, and glock lugged around on a daily basis by some presumably friendly chap. Or, feeling a little emasculated while viewing photo after photo of EDCs chock full of multi-tools you wouldn’t begin to know what to do with.

After discovering this site, I was left wondering why this minimal concept was so captivating. I think the answer is also pretty simple. We are enthralled with the lives of others. We want to see photos on Instagram of the food they eat, learn their favorite artist through Spotify on Facebook, and even see what they load down their pockets with because it gives us an idea of what they care about. What is important to them.

I think EDC, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all amazing mediums for personal expression. But they are also traps. If you’re not careful, you’ll look back and notice your Facebook timeline is full of hazy nights, your Twitter feed complains about the barista at your local Starbucks and your EDC contains three cell phones and a wad of cash. As you send each tweet and confirm each mobile upload on Facebook, keep in mind that you are building an identity. Whether it’s based on your weekend plans, your epicurean adventures or your pocket contents, it tells the world what you are passionate about. Use that as an opportunity to share knowledge, engage honestly, and create friendships. You don’t want to turn around and realize your identity has misinformed others on what you’re passionate about.

I decided to get in on the action. As you can see I have diabetes, I jot ideas in a Mississippi Field Notes and I am addicted to my smart phone.

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